Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fashion in Film on display in Oshkosh

The Paine Art Center in Oshkosh, WI, has a wonderful new exhibit now.
On Saturday, I spent 2 hours just ooh-ing and ahh-ing at all the gorgeous costumes on display. It was $7 well spent!

Although there are many lovely pieces on display, of special interest to me were the following :

  • The green dancing dress from Elizabeth (before she became Queen)
  • Karen Blixen's wedding dress from Out of Africa
  • The gorgeous gown from the Drew Barrymore Cinderella Story, EverAfter (I was so enanmored of this dress when that film came out, that I actually purchased the video so I could more closely study this lovely dress based on a 1500s style. It's much better in person than I ever imagined--with silk imported from India and lots of beads and pearls ... Too bad we couldn't touch them!

The company who owns the costumes, and gets commissioned to make period pieces for film is CosProp, Ltd. from London.

Now I have a new list of movies I want to see, too!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Newsletter May 2007

Thanks to Michele for writing the April notes. After reviewing the show and tell recap, I’m sorry I missed it!
Recap of April Meeting (April 26, 2007)
Mary W. went to the quilt show in Chicago, and attended a class with Esterita Austin, art quilter and maker of Misty Fuse. Mary brought in samples of a misty-fused applique which really doesn't seem to change the hand of the fabric. She also had samples of Lutrador a new fabric that is stitchable and accepts paint exceptionally well.

Joanne, Teresa and Pat enjoyed the Women Who Run with Scissors exhibit. Teresa will bring pictures to a future meeting once they are developed.

Teresa also wanted to share that The Sewing Basket in Plymouth offers Creative Art Days and Open Sew sessions on Fridays. She is also looking to purchase an industrial sewing machine--if anyone knows where to get one, please tell her!

Julie was working on a very orange beaded piece for commission. We almost needed sunglasses look at it!

After catching up with each other, we watched the Ricky Tims' Grande Finale DVD. This is an excellent program, and well worth further study/viewings! [Note from Katy: I’m happy to lend out my DVD. Marilyn is first in line.]

May Meeting (Thursday May 31, 2007) at the Menasha Public Library
Remember to please call Mary or Katy if you know you won’t make it in May. Don’t forget the new start time—6:30. Mary will lead us in making fabric postcards that you really can mail! Supplies:

  • Variety of fabric scraps; two at least 4” × 6” with one plain enough for address to be written legibly
  • Variety of decorative threads for hand or machine
  • Any embellishment which will lay flat
  • Your favorite lightweight fusible (Like Wonder Under)
  • Sewing machine if you choose
  • Fabric pens/markers
  • Rotary cutter/fabric scissors
  • Mary will supply Peltex as the base for 25¢ per card

Upcoming Events
May 31, 2007: May meeting, 6:30. Fabric Postcards; Mary will lead.
June 28, 2007: June meeting, 6:30. Paintsticks.
July 26, 2007: July meeting, 6:30. Couching. Katy and Karen will lead.
August 30, 2007: August meeting, 6:30. Chenilling. Gill will lead.

Conversations with Cloth meets the last Thursday of each month at 6:30 at the Menasha Public Library.