Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 2009 Newsletter

Christmas Gathering
The Christmas Gathering was a blast. Thanks to Joanne Klug for ‘volunteering’ her beautiful home. As Katy said in an earlier e-mail, the best white elephant was the box of stuff that Theresa put together. It had everything you can imagine…..more than you can imagine. Lois will have enough stuff to do things with for a long time. Joanne, we accidently drove off without it, but Lois wants you to save it all for her. Katy received a Quilting Arts DVD and watching a few episodes of that will be the January program. Karen will also demonstrate how to mold faces out of clay.

What are you interested in?
We need your program ideas and folks to volunteer to demonstrate various techniques. If you are doing something interesting, please share your knowledge with us. The next meeting is January (brrrrrrrr) 28th at the Menasha Public Library.

Dues are due!
The Dues for 2010 are due. Its $10 for those of you who want your newsletter mailed and $5 if you still want to get it via e-mail. Please fill out the form in the newsletter so we will have your correct contact information.

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)
What are they? 2 ½ X 3 ½ inch mini works made of whatever you like, to be exchanged with friends and other interested artists. More information can be found on the internet. Karen shared the following link for ATCs several months ago.

Bring your ATCs to the next meeting. Joanne brought her ATCs to the Christmas Gathering and showcased her mixed media technique of decoupaging fancy paper napkins to fabric, finishing and stitching on them. ATCs are fun to make and exchange.

Road Kill Challenge The basics for this challenge are: Walk one mile down the road of your choice and pick up anything that you can find that has possibilities. Work it into a wall hanging use anything you find, muslin, one focus fabric (it must be something you already own, there is no shopping involved in this challenge) and all of the paint, ink and anything else you want. Challenges are due at the April Meeting so that everyone has time to complete their challenge and bring it in. THERE WILL BE PRIZES!

Conversation in Cloth meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Menasha Public Library unless otherwise stated. Visitors are welcome.