Saturday, August 28, 2010

August Show and Share

Shout out to Theresa who recently moved to OH. We are thinking about you! Are your ears tingling?

Lynda's latest woven and felted piece from the front.

Back of Lynda's piece.

Cloth woven by Lynda.

Joann's purse.

Joanne is also working on a 20-in Art Doll Mermaid. She says she has been "a process." No pictures as she didn't bring the mermaid along tonight. We look forward to seeing her progress in future ...

Felted Geodes with Lynda

Felted Geodes from Lynda's private collection.

At this month's meeting, Lynda showed us how to make a felted geode that can be used as a pin cushion. Present : Lynda, Joann, Michele, and Brenda.

The moment of truth! After rubbing and rolling our geodes for over an hour, we were all excited to see the treasure inside. Here are our geodes cut open at the end of the night. We actually had to go out to our cars in the parking lot to cut them open with a knife on a cutting board. We didn't want to be arrested for bringing a knife into the public library! The Library was closing so we hastily lined these up on a heat register in the lobby at closing time to get this photo.

Here's a close-up of Michele's felted geode .... Wonder what's inside?

Inside of Michele's felted geode. Pretty neat!

Monday, August 16, 2010

July 2010 Newsletter

SNIPPETS from Conversation in Cloth

July 27, 2010

Members Present: Jo Anne, Sandy, Brenda, Betty, Karen, Jo,
Karen came late so the minutes are incomplete!

Sandy Ansfield introduced her guest, Karen Sutter.

Amazing Creations brought by our Artist Members (see photos below)
Jo Anne showed a bag of dyed wool scraps that she found at a rummage sale.
Karen S. showed a fabric handbag that she had made.
Karen M. showed a series of beaded tins that she has been working on, a felt ball bracelet, and a pin made of of beaded silk tie fabric.
Sandy showed her beads made out of bobbins. The technique was featured in the June Bead and Button Magazine.

Program highlights – Part II – Beaded Face Pin demonstrated by Betty.
Betty demonstrated her method of creating a pin using the face beads we made at the June meeting. You first attach the pin back and face to your backing. Then work a bezel stitch around the face bead. Fill in the forehead with beads to form a cap. The hair is fringe fill in. Many were started and few were finished. We will be finishing up at a future meeting.

August 27 Program – Lynda will demonstrate felting techniques and will provide the supplies. We will be meeting at the library. Bring an old towel, heavy duty scissors, a nylon sock and an ice cream bucket for water.

2010 Future programs:
September 30 – Lois will demonstrate how to make clothesline baskets.
October 28 – Sandy will show up how to make clutch bags from a man’s tie.
December 9 – Annual Christmas Party
January 27 – Karen will demonstrate how to get started on the beaded boxes (if the weather allows a trip from Green Bay to Menasha).

Remember: a new CinC program chair is needed. It’s easy. Just work with CinC members to set up demonstration, schedule a field trip or invite a guest speaker. Without one, we won’t have the neat demonstrations that we have had in the past!