Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 2009 Show and Share

Detail of Zebra by Lois. Every bit of this piece is covered in thread! It's incredible! She's getting this ready to send to Paducah, or other big international shows.

Full view of Zebra by Lois.

A Refracted wall quilt by Lois. It looks shimmery and 3-D, doesn't it?
Lois showed several of these refracted quilts as she will be teaching a class and needed class samples.

Refracted Flowers by Lois.

Refracted Fish by Lois. It looks like you ware seeing them through rippling water ....

Back of Refracted Fish by Lois. This is the base fabric she started with.

Refracted Quilt by Lois

Refracted Penguins by Lois.

Michele's Millifiore quilt-top. This is the 4-patch stacked posey pattern.

Detail of Michele's Millifiore quilt top

Because Michele showed her 4-patch stacked posey quilt top, Karen brought out her Christmas tablecloth WIP. Hmmmh--- kind of looks like artist trading cards in this format. Or tree garland.

Karen's covered buttons made in a class she took earlier this summer. One of them even has beads on it!

Karen's new baby : a 4-harness loom for which she paid less than $150! She's an incredible bargain-hunter and re-purposer! Last year, Karen took a weaving class at the Textile Museum in Minneapolis where she got to work on larger class floor loom. Since then, she's been looking for a loom of her own.

Karen's cat, Howard also wanted to be part of the festivities.

ATCs : September Meeting at Karen's House

The 4 of us had a lovely pot-luck dinner out on Karen's patio by candle-light. This picture is here because it resembles some of the refracted quilts Lois has been doing.

The program for September was Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). People were supposed to bring 14 Artist Trading Cards to trade with other CinC Members. Here are some of the ATCs laid out for trading. We could use any technique as long as the finished product was 3-1/2 in x 2-1/2 inches.

Here's a sampling of the ATCs traded that night :

Felted ATCs by Lynda

ATCs by Lois

ATCs by Michele

ATCs by Karen

Only 4 of us were able to gather this month at Karen's house, which means we all have a lot of ATCs left to trade.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hi all,
Can I get a count of how many will be coming to Thursday's meeting? I am making sloppy Joes and want to know how much to cook. If you respond through the Yahoo group, you don't need to respond again. Call or you can send an e-mail. I am not putting directions on the website as this is an open site, however Michele sent out a member list not too long ago. I will either give them to you when you call or e-mail them to you.

See you Thursday!