Sunday, June 29, 2008

Free Projects from Fibre & Stitch

Hi All-

This is the list of Free Projects from Fibre & Stitch published by Sue Bleiweiss, the originator of the Faux Leather Journal project we did in June.

Free Projects from Fibre & Stitch


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Faux Leather Journal Surfaces - June Project

At the June Meeting, Michele lead everyone in making a faux leather journal with Sue Bleiweiss' instructions (used with permission). The remarkable thing is that we started with ordinary brown paper shopping bags!

If you are interested in learning these techniques (and many more), consider taking some of Sue B.'s online classes. You'll meet people from all over the world, and you won't have to schlep a car-ful of stuff across town. Sue is one of the most encouraging and positive people you'll ever meet, too!

Here are some of the surfaces people made that night (Sorry, I don't remember who did what) :

A few people wanted to take the surface home to add stitching and other embellishments. Can't wait to see what they bring back next month!

Most people got as far as sewing in at least a few signatures. We didn't get to the closures in our 2 hour session (That's why you see so many fingers holding the journals shut.)

Marilyn's Journal

Sandy's Journal

Lois' Journal

Katy's Journal

Inside Katy's Journal

Karen's Journal

What else have Members been Working On?

Theresa recently attended a workshop lead by Sharon Rotz to learn how to do this low-stress log cabin with scraps. No ripping at this workshop. If you make a mistake, you just cut it off with a rotary cutter!

At the June Meeting, we had a guest named Lois share some things she's been working on :

The dark fabrics for this piece were discharged with bleach. For the border, Lois used construction fencing as a resist before spraying a bleach solution onto black Kona Cotton. Great idea! and I love the effect. This is still a work in progress.

This piece (also by Lois) is based on a pattern by Laura Wasilowski and her School of Fusing in Chicago.

This piece is a batik with "stuff" laid on, covered with netting and free-motion stitched to hold it all together. Another one by Lois.

We hope she'll be back to share more of her creations and tips.

Member Showcase : The Dyers

Sandy and Theresa attended a Dyer's Workshop at Jo Holden's house a few weeks ago. Here are some of what they created that night :

Sandy said this one was wrapped around a pole ...

This was was folded and bound to create the interesting resist pattern (by Sandy).

Another one from Sandy.

Theresa was also very happy with what she was able to create that night, too. Her technique was more stuff and dump style.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Faux Leather Journals for June Meeting - Supply List and Kits

Here's a taste of what we'll be making at our June Meeting lead by Michele :

I will be making up some kits for the Faux Leather Journals we'll be making at CinC this month. I got Sue Bleiweiss's permission to use this lesson for our group, so we're covered for copyright. ;-) She just wants to see pictures of what people make with her instructions--so I'll be taking pictures as usual, too.

If anyone wants to sign up for Sue Bleiweiss' online classes, I highly recommend them!

The $5 kits will contain :
Instructions (Sue B's Lesson)
1 piece Stiffy (stiff interfacing) 9x18 in
Paper lunch bag, piece of paper shopping bag
2 x Stitch Witchery (9x18 in)
Paper for Signatures
String to sew in Signatures
Velcro / snaps for closures

I will also bring for people to use :
Cutting mat with rotary cutter
Spray bottle
Ironing pad
Parchment Paper
Acrylic Paint (brown)
Bristle paint brushes
Dishes for paint
Awl to punch holes in signatures (paper)
Tapestry Needles
Some Stamp Pads (Coffee Bean and Copper)
Paper Scissors

Things People can bring on their own :
Fabric for the inner lining (at least 9x18 inches)
Other colors of Acrylic Paint with coordinating stamp pads colors
Closures - buttons or junk jewelery
Nice paper (24# Stationary is wonderful, but pricey. I'll have regular printer paper in the kits)
More Tapestry Needles (These are the big-honkin' needles to sew in the signatures)
Scissors for cutting paper
Rulers and cutting tools

See you all soon! --Michele