Sunday, February 24, 2008

February 2008 Newsletter

Ohmigosh! We’re meeting this Thursday! What a month it’s been. Bring your show and tell and news and stories and we’re sure to have lots of conversation before we watch “Duct Tape Mummies!”

Recap of January Meeting (January 31, 2008)
Show and tell was fabulous, as always! Joann made a skirt from her hand dyes from two summers ago. The fabric was beautiful and the results are stunning. We had two new members join us (see the insert for this year’s membership list). We voted to officially change our name to Conversations in Cloth, both because that’s what Michele named the blog by accident, and because it’s a really cool acronym. Now we just have to decide whether to pronounce CinC as “sink” or “kink”!

Finally, we foiled! Using BoNash powder with the foil was a favorite technique for the group. We also determined that you could foil onto ribbon, and we loved the results. The best online source for foil and adhesive is probably, and supplies are also available from

Announcements and Reminders
Don’t miss “A Stitch Over Time: Fiber Art” at the Appleton Art Center. The exhibit runs through March 22.

February Meeting (Thursday February 28, 2008)
We’re watching Theresa’s DVD “Clone Yourself: A Dressform Double,” fondly known and “Duct Tape Mummies.” Bring show and tell, bring a snack, and learn how to make fiber art that actually FITS.

Upcoming Events
February 28, 2008: February meeting, 6:30. “Clone Yourself A Dressform Double”
March 27, 2008: March meeting, 6:30. Drawing on the right side of the brain.

Conversations in Cloth meets the last Thursday of each month at 6:30 at the Menasha Public Library.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Foiling on Fabric

At Conversations in Cloth this past week, we got the chance to practice Foiling on Fabric.

Katy showed us how to use 007 Bonding Powder to create a starry sky.

Katy also explained how to use stamps (foam, rubber, etc.) to place adhesive glue to fabric. The glue must be completely dry before trying to foil it. Several ladies stamped and foiled satin ribbons for nice effects.

Misty Fuse or other fusible webbing can also be used to apply foil. Each product seems to offer a different effect. In this photo, the Misty Fuse is "lacey" while the Steam-a-Seam is a more solid foil transfer.

[Sorry I don't have more photos of the groups work this month. I got into a deep conversation with Marie, and when I looked up, everyone had packed up their things. So I don't have many pictures to post. THis is just a taste of what we were up to last week.]

More tutorials on Foiling at Fibre in-Form.

Also of note : Laura Murray will be the invited speaker / teacher for Darting Needles Quilt Guild in Appleton, WI, May 18 and 19th, 2008. Should be a good weekend!