Saturday, November 14, 2009

Talking Threads on web video

Talking Threads is posting their 30 minutes programs on the web for all to view. They meet with a textile artist and demo a technique (or 2 or 3). They take the time to go into depth. It's been a really worthwhile and interesting show so far. Enjoy!

View more here.

November 2009 CinC Newsletter

Recap of the October Meeting

* Road Kill Challenge – Karen introduced the Road Kill Challenge. She talked about Found Object Art, which Katy quickly dubbed FART (Found Art from Recycled Things).

Karen showed a pin that she had made in an art class long ago out of a piece of copper wire and a bark chip. She also showed some rust dyed fabric that she had made from found objects and muslin. The basics for this challenge are: Walk one mile down the road of your choice and pick up anything that you can find that has possibilities. Work it into a wall hanging use anything you find, muslin, one focus fabric (it must be something you already own, there is no shopping involved in this challenge) and all of the paint, ink and anything else you want. Challenges are due at the April Meeting so that everyone has time to complete their challenge and bring it in. THERE WILL BE PRIZES!

Sample "found items" with possibilites [pop cans, mylar food bags, plastic thingies ...].

* Group Volunteers - In order to divide up the work, volunteers stepped forward to take on the chores of the group. Lois Wolfe will be the Treasurer; Karen Matze is the secretary/newsletter person; Theresa Busse will coordinate the programs for the upcoming meetings.

* Dues are due for 2009. They will remain at $5 for e-mail newsletters and $10 for newsletters by mail.

*Christmas Party – There will be no November meeting. Instead, the annual Christmas Party will be a potluck at Joanne K’s house, on December 10 at 6 PM. Bring a dish to pass. Please call Joanne to RSVP or e-mail her.

Don’t forget your white elephants. You may not buy anything; it has to be something you already have at your house. Think creatively!

* Warping Party – Lynda announced her warping party for November 7.

* Theresa B – Theresa is moving to Ohio in the future to be with her family. Until then she is coordinating the group’s programs. We will miss Theresa mightily when she leaves us, and we all wish her well. We will also need another program coordinator in the future so if you are interested, raise your hand at the next meeting. All you need to do is make sure that we have an event, demonstration, speaker or activity for 11 meetings this year.

* Show and Share – Betty brought a beautiful framed piece of free form beadwork that she had done in turquoise and copper. She also showed some of the pins that she is working on that feature doll heads. Theresa brought two books that she thought the group would enjoy: Haute Handbags, Autumn 2009 published by Somerset Studios and Cool Coutre: Construction Secrets for Runway Style, by Kenneth King. Lynda had a weaving that she had done with paint stick dyed warp and weft for the first 6 inches with a dyes wool for the balance. The first six inches were $30 an inch, the last was $30 per yard. See pictures in the post below ...

* Fabulous Fractures – Lois demonstrated this technique using multiple repetitions of one fabric. The technique is from a book called Fabulous Fractures written by Brenda Esslinger. This strip piecing technique gives a three dimensional look to your finished piece. Lois will be teaching a class in this technique in January at her studio. Call her if you are interested in signing up.

* ATCs - Bring your ATCs to the December meeting. Michele brought two that she had received as a result of her BlogSpot. Karen, Lynda, Lois and Michele traded at the September meeting and will bring theirs as well to trade with everyone else. Info on ATCs can be found at

Upcoming Meetings

Conversation in Cloth meetings are held on the Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Menasha Public Library unless otherwise stated. Visitors are welcome.

December 10 – Christmas Party at Joanne K's, on December 10 at 6 PM. Bring a dish to pass. Please call Joanne to RSVP.

January 28 – We need a volunteer, please contact Theresa.

February 25 - We need a volunteer, please contact Theresa

Sunday, November 01, 2009

October 2009 Show-and-Share

Katy made great progress on this thread-painting piece, started in a class with Ellen Anne Eddy a few years ago.

Here's a close-up of Katy's dragon :

Betty's beautiful Turquoise and Copper beadwork

More of Betty's beadwork and the book she's using for inspiration.
Those 2 blue brooches sitting on the book are Betty's.

Michele finished the Spools Quilt Top, borders and all. Now how to quilt it?

Lynda's weaving experiment. She used PaintStiks to color this weaving.

Lois made this stump-work (?) wall-hanging.

Another of Katy's pieces : Piping Hot Macaroni made with silks from the garment district in NYC.