Friday, July 27, 2007

Couching : Coffee Cuffs

The project comes from Quilting Arts Magazine April 2007 (?).

Katy's elegant machine-couched coffee cuffs (above).
This method uses Fast-2-Fuse as the base. Although perfect for couching by machine, F2F would be too hard to try to push a hand-sewing needle through.

Karen's hand-couched coffee cuffs (above).
This method uses an old ragged quilt as the base. This old quilt was literally falling apart, so she used a layer of light pink netting to hold some of it together. She also used permanent markers to "dress up" the fabric. The batting of this old quilt was much softer and more appropriate for hand couching.

Theresa's tropical coffee cuff (above), before the final trim. Machine Couched.
(Doesn't it make you want to dance-dance-dance!)

Michele's coffee cuff, machine couched. (Before the final seam.)
Most of the fibers are from our Fabulous Fiber Exchange last summer. The front and back fabrics were found on the free table at Darting Needles Quilt Guild a few months ago.

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