Sunday, February 03, 2008

Foiling on Fabric

At Conversations in Cloth this past week, we got the chance to practice Foiling on Fabric.

Katy showed us how to use 007 Bonding Powder to create a starry sky.

Katy also explained how to use stamps (foam, rubber, etc.) to place adhesive glue to fabric. The glue must be completely dry before trying to foil it. Several ladies stamped and foiled satin ribbons for nice effects.

Misty Fuse or other fusible webbing can also be used to apply foil. Each product seems to offer a different effect. In this photo, the Misty Fuse is "lacey" while the Steam-a-Seam is a more solid foil transfer.

[Sorry I don't have more photos of the groups work this month. I got into a deep conversation with Marie, and when I looked up, everyone had packed up their things. So I don't have many pictures to post. THis is just a taste of what we were up to last week.]

More tutorials on Foiling at Fibre in-Form.

Also of note : Laura Murray will be the invited speaker / teacher for Darting Needles Quilt Guild in Appleton, WI, May 18 and 19th, 2008. Should be a good weekend!

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