Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rooted in Fantasy

The piece reveals the manner in which I am torn between the stable, everyday life that I currently lead, firmly rooted to the ground and depicted by the tree. My flight of fantasy, imagination, and the yearning to be free is evidenced by the dragonflies which are said to be fast, beautiful, and mercurial. I plan to be able to slip my roots some day, travel, and create. The orb/moon in the arms of the tree shows my face, the features of which are hard to define (as in the real ‘man in the moon’), but I am in there and dying to get out. I tend to regularly wear dangly earrings as does this tree girl. The piece is 12 X 29 and I've also included two details. This is one of two pieces that I have entered into the Peninsula Art Show in Fish Creek, March 21 to April 23.

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