Saturday, December 06, 2008

White Elephant Gift Exchange at 2008 Christmas Party

On December 4, we had our annual Christmas Party at a restaraunt in the Fox Valley. This party is always one where we go home with stitches in our sides, and faces hrting from laughing so much!

Here's what the rest of you missed for our White Elephant Gift Exchange :

Katy (the most photogenic of us all!) with the video-tape box of nuts given by Sandy. This made a great rattle when we were shaking packages, deciding which one we want to open.

This, however, is the prize-winning White Elephant for the evening. This electronic room alarm kit given by Lynda, chosen by Karen. It was wrapped in a lovely gold lame fabric.

We missed the old exercise equipment from last year, however. Theresa, we hope you still have it for next year!

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