Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 2009 Newsletter

I’m bummed to miss this month’s meeting, because Betty’s beading project is SO COOL! If you need a kit, be sure to call her in advance; see below for details. I have to travel for work, so group, please delegate a note taker and someone to collect dues if there are any more renewals.

Recap of October Meeting (October 30, 2008)
On the Saturday before our meeting, Lynda hosted a dyeing day, and word is that she’s pretty good at spinning dog hair, too! Pat (I think…oops) showed off the bendable sewing light she won at the FVTC sewing retreat; check out http://www.bendablebrightlight.com/ to get your own. Sandy learned an interesting dimensional technique at the Cedarburg quilt show – you can curl fabric by backing with a fusible like Pellon and ironing around a pencil. Theresa enjoyed Rosemary Eichorn’s class through DNQG. Ann showed her fabrics from Mickey Lawler’s DNQG class (we loved them) and told us about some sewing classes she took at a recent event. The group’s favorite was “Boob Fitting” (!) but Ann also enjoyed some classes on making buttons and beading on fabric.

When we finally settled down from all the show and tell, we enjoyed the Laura Murray DVD, which focused on Paintstik techniques with a bonus segment on foiling.

Please welcome our newest member, Connie.

Recap of December Party (December 4, 2008)
The nice sedate old folks dining at the Out-O-Town club never knew what hit them! We had a great time, and the non-procrastinators among us who had their challenge pieces ready to go proved very inspiring. We agreed to postpone the end of the challenge until January to encourage more participation. Congrats to Lynda, who won the popular vote for most bizarre and amusing White Elephant gift. Ask her how you, too, can be an “electronics whiz.”

January Meeting (January 29. 2009)
Don’t forget your challenge pieces (recall that Lois issued a challenge to “make something” using her upholstery sample books. Lois will draw a name for a prize!

Betty is teaching Ndebele Herringbone weave. If you would like a kit ($10), you must contact her in advance so she can prepare it. The deadline is January 22. If you want to use your own supplies instead, bring:
· Size 11 seed beads
· Accent seed beads, triangles, hexes, etc. in various colors from size 15 to 6.
· Beading needle and thread the color of the main bead you choose. For thread, choose Nymo, Rice's Silamide size A or B, or Betty’s choice is Fireline 6#. It's a fishing line and you can get it at a fishing store
· Bee's wax or Thread Heaven
· Decorative button for a closure

Announcements and Reminders
I have included a membership list listing everyone who has already renewed for 2009. If you’re not on the list, you can renew in January. ($5 for email newsletter; $10 if you want it mailed. You are welcome to write your $5 check straight to the library, or I can handle it in aggregate.)
Uh oh! The library has no rooms available for our February meeting date. We need to find a new “one-night-only” locale. Please, someone take charge or we’ll miss out on Gill’s Korean Pojagi! Another option is to take a field trip or a bye in February and move Gill out to April or later (I believe she’s off on another jaunt to the tropics in March!)

Also, in March, we will have the “big room” instead of our usual room. We have not chosen a topic yet for March.

Sandy is helping collect items for an exhibit at the Oshkosh Public Museum, “Not your Grandmother’s Quilt.” This is an opportunity to get our art “out there!” The curator, Deb Daubert, is looking for items created by Wisconsin quilters, including items with visual impact, items that are nontraditional patterns: wall hangings, handbags, clothing, threadpainting, photos incorporated into a piece, possibly tee shirts incorporated into a quilt/wall hanging, etc. Each item submitted must be accompanied by a photo, background information on the item , and a suggested value for insurance purposes. Deb would like to begin collecting and photographing items for publicity posters as soon as possible since the exhibit is scheduled to open on Feb. 21. You can contact Deb at http://www.oshkoshmuseum.org if you'd like more information.

Upcoming Events
January 29, 2009: January meeting, 6:30, beading with Betty
February 26, 2009: February meeting, 6:30, Korean Pojagi with Gill

Conversations in Cloth meets the last Thursday of each month at 6:30 at the Menasha Public Library.

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