Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meet the CinC Artist at Oshkosh Public Museum

Hey--That's Katy's quilt on the banner and postcards! She's one of us!

On March 21, the Oshkosh Public Museum held a Meet the Artist Event.
5 CinC quilters have pieces in the show running through May 10, 2009.
3 of us were able to attend the event.

Katy with one of her pieces.

Sandy with her Fly Fishing Trout

Detail of Sandy's Trout

Michele with Oliver (aka The Bubble Boy)

Lois also has a few pieces in the OPM Show.

The show runs through May 10 in Oshkosh, WI. It's a worthwhile exhibit. Over 30 artists showing over 100 pieces that will amaze you ... It's a show that is expanding people's ideas about what's possible with quilting!

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