Sunday, May 17, 2009

April 09 Show and Share

Only 4 of us at the April Meeting. Here's what we brought to show :

Lois Wolfe's art quilt. At the meeting, she was adding beadwork, so we'll be interested to see the finished piece!

Another piece by Lois Wolf. This work was the result of a class with Sue Benner (?)

Karen's piece from the Sue Benner class.

This is the result of the online Faces-in-Fabric class Michele has been taking with Terri Stegmiller at Two Creative Studios. It combines applique with fabric painting.

Lois shared a method for saving ugly fabric : Scrunch it up, spritz it with water, and steam the heck out of it to add texture. There may also be some fusible interfacing on the back to help it keep it's new shape.

Karen brought these surgical scissors that are wonderful for "un-sewing."

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