Saturday, June 13, 2009

May Show and Share

Thanks to Sandy A. for diligently taking notes and pictures, while Michele was absent in May.

1. Sandy's bra purse with matching hat

2. Sandy's messenger bag and small bag with metal ruler closure

3. Sandy's checkered garden hat with a size 48 DD bra for the top of the crown

4. lining of the garden hat with misspelled word in the title (bra decorated fabric)

5. partial photo of Lynda's woven piece

6. beaded bracelet made by Karen

7. beaded earrings made by Karen

8. Julie's make over tote bag with new fabric pocket

9. Lois' technique for creating new fabric covered with netting
10. Lois' tote bag using newly created fabric; window in the side of the bag

11. Lois' recycled corduroy bag with prairie points on the exterior

12. Julie's red bra purse

13. close up of window in Lois' tote bag

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