Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 2009 Show and Share

Sandy transformed another bra into this piece called Hooters!
She does these for a Breast Cancer Recovery group called Casting for Recovery. This group teaches women to fly fish.

Joann has been working on this beautiful piece to commemorate her in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. She has been mastering machine embroidery through the Creative Expressions Embroidery book. The butterflies are 3-D!

Lynda's experiment with the polypropelene (sp?) she shared with all of us. If you color the poly with oil sticks (Paint Stiks), and layer it on another piece of fabric, and melt it with a heat gun outside (it smells so make sure you have good ventilation), the poly melts, leaving the textured bits of color. This piece has also been embellished with stitch.

Lynda's Felt experiment. She has a piece of batting in between the felt. Since this seemed to work, she is going to try for a colorful winter coat. Can't wait to see that when it's done!

Work-in-Progress by Lynda. It's a woven piece, originally meant to hang, but the buttons make it too weighty. She was looking for suggestions on what other direction to take this piece. Suggestions included a scrim or organza stabilizer on the back or having it lay down (as seen here) to accentuate the puckers. It's like sand and shells ... We'll see what she eventually does with it. ;-)

Lynda also brought in this piece she did as a student. It's about Time, and the past being part of the present. It includes fossils, and shell embroidery, and a spider web.

Michele did a batch of paper clay medallions. See and read more about them here.
These are intended to be closures and embellishments for more journals.

Michele has also (finally!) found success with rust dyeing. See and read more about it here and here and here.

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