Sunday, April 25, 2010

March Newsletter

March “Madness” – March 25, 2010

Michelle, Lois, Karen, Betty, Brenda, Joanne, & Theresa were present.

New member Brenda Ehlers was welcomed to the group. Karen apologized for not getting out a newsletter for the last two months. She had not been in attendance.

2010 dues are due. They are $5 for those who want to receive the newsletter by e-mail and $10 if you want the newsletter mailed via the post office. Karen will contact those that have not paid to see if they want to continue their membership. Dues can be brought to the next meeting or mailed to Lois Wolfe at 581 Oak Ct. Little Suamico, WI 54141

The Road Kill challenge is due at the May 27th meeting. There is till time to walk your mile and pick up your stuff. Remember. One fashion fabric, muslin, the stuff you find and all the paint, beads, thread you want.

Theresa went over the program agenda for the next few months. Darting Needles will have Joanie Zaier Poole at the May program and meeting and Harriet Hargrave at the June program and meeting. Both teach different forms of machine quilting. There is a discount if you are a Darting Needles member.

Conversations programs:
April Karen & Lois will demonstrate fabric beads
May Road Kill Challenge
June Karen will demonstrate how to make clay faces
July Betty will demonstrate her beaded face pins using June’s faces
August Open
September Lois will demonstrate coiled baskets
October Open
November/December - Christmas party at a location to be determined
Suggested programs include:
Dollmaking with Joanne, Michelle and Pat
Felted Handbags with Lynda
Dying (probably in the summer)
Weaving and spinning
Thread painting (possibly with Karla Sparks)
Needle felting with Lynda
Saturday - Milwaukee field trip to Bixby’s, Artist’s Cellar, Patched Works
If anyone is interested in demonstrating or taking the lead to organize one of these workshops, please let Theresa know.

Phototransfers – We discussed photo transfers and the many different ways they can be done. Karen mentioned one she saw on Quilting Arts TV where orange based cleaner (like Goo Gone) was used to transfer a photo from acetate to muslin. Lois will try it and report back.

Stained Glass supplies If you are interested in or know someone who is interested in stained glass supplies, contact Betty. She has some that she is willing to sell.

Show and Share Lutrador experiments were shared. Brenda stamped and melted some with different effects. Michelle dyed the Lutrador but could not find a satisfactory way to seal it. The dye would not absorb into the fiber. Ranger Inks were suggested as a possible way to color the Lutrador along with acrylic paints. Ranger Inks are available at Michael’s. Also suggested was Adirondack Inks by Tim Holz.

Joanne suggested that we check out a website called There is section on the website called out of the cupboard that has free mini classes and one of them is on using Lutrador.

NEXT MEETING April 29th – Wear your name tag!!!

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