Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reveal of Walk-a-Mile Challenge

May was the big reveal of Karen's Walk-a-Mile Challenge.

The basics for this challenge : Walk one mile down the road of your choice and pick up anything that you can find that has possibilities. Work it into a wall hanging use anything you find, muslin, one focus fabric (it must be something you already own, there is no shopping involved in this challenge) and all of the paint, ink and anything else you want.

Karen presented her self-portrait that used a rust-dyed fabric for a background, potato chip bag for body and flowers. Curly hair is cut from a foam tube. Stars are cut from a mylar bag food bag.

Michele made a riverbed postcard from a zapped Ghiradhelli chocolate chip bag, net, a scrap from a billboard, lace and beads. Read more about the making of it.

Brenda's "Whimsy" includes an old pizza box transformed into a moth, beer bottles, Skoal tins and more ...

Detail of Brenda's Whimsy.

"Which Path Would You Take" by Lois incorporates product wrappers turned into billboards along a road; cars made from a lighter and Caramex tube; a music CD for Sweetest Day turned round-about. She mounted it all on an old canvas.

Lynda dyed wool yarn with compost - pomegranite and onion skins with Madder Root (and some synthetic red) with oak leaves. (In the corner, you can see part of the vest she is knitting from her Newfie's dog's wool.)

Betty used a technique seen on Quilting Arts using recycled plastic shopping bags, green net bags, sequins, a broken bike reflector (among other things) fused with a heat tool to make the composed fabric for this clutch.

Detail shot of another sample of Betty's composed plastic bag fabric.

Pat made a self-portrait from items she found along a road in Arizona. Her self-portrait incorporates seed pods, a shoelace, broken glass, broken concrete, and a bent bottle cap for lips.

Karen provided a book prize for participants (won by Brenda in a drawing):

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