Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Show-and-Share

Here are some of the finished tissue paper-dyed silk scarves that we made back in March. Yummy colors!

Sandy took a class at the local tech school to learn how to dye these scarves.
Sandy also shared that the Annual Bead and Button Show will be in Milwaukee June 10-12.

Betty beaded these boxes as demonstrated by Karen back in January. Don't you just love how we learn from each other? Betty has also been very busy Zantangling :

Pat is back from her winter sojourn. She's been busy! She made this cat pin cushion (above) and a Spirit Doll (below) :

Here's a close-up of Pat's Spirit Doll. She explained that the turquoise-colored beads are made from something very unusual. Take a guess and then scroll down to see the answer ...
She also incorporated other natural things from the desert like dried cactus, devil's claw, and pomegranate husks.

JoAnne completed this reversible vest. She also brought this gorgeous coffee table book :

Pat did a small challenge quilt where she had to use this fabric, shown here as the quilt backing.
This is what she did on the front of this fun piece :

Michele has also been busy experimenting with Citra Solv to dissolve the ink in old National Geopgraphic magazines. Feast your eyes on some of the results :
From National Geographic and Citrasolv backgrounds
If you want to try it yourself, Diana Trout has a how-to video.

Michele also mentioned The Sketchbook Challenge as a source of inspiration and techniques to try. Each month, they offer a new theme. It's not too late to join!

Fire Fall Journal Quilt by Michele. Read more about it here.

Red-Wing Black Bird Journal Quilt by Michele. Read more about it here.

Answer to the Blue Bead Mystery : Pat's Turquoise-colored beads are made from diced, dried, and painted potato. Can you believe it?

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