Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tribute to Katy Sirovatka

Katy with a white elephant gift at one of our Christmas parties.  
We always laughed a lot at these parties!    All for a box of old nuts.

On March 16, 2012, CinCer Katy Sirovatka lost her battle with melanoma.  
She was only 37 years old.  Read her obituary

For years Katy was an energetic, creative, driving force in Conversations-in-Cloth.  I don't think I've ever met anyone as organized as Katy.  She kept us on track, programmed our evenings, and kept us informed with the Newsletter.  She also managed our Treasury.  When she stepped down to spend more time with her new family, it took no less than 4 people to fill all the jobs she was doing single-handed.  She was a remarkable person.  She will be greatly missed.

Enjoy this review of some of the work she shared with us through the years :

That's a detail shot of Katy's quilt in the promotional materials for this show at the Oshkosh Public Museum!  Cool beans!

Here's Katy standing next to her quilt at the Oshkosh Public Museum Show. 

Katy's Thread Painted Dragon.

Christmas Stockings for her new family.

 Katy called this set a Tryptic.

 Katy with the Thread Scarf she made after one of our workshop nights.

Couching on a purse.

Elegant couching on 2 coffee cuffs.  

  Stars Table Runner.


I always loved this tree Katy made on a Mess-Making Day.  She used bleach to discharge the black color from the fabric, revealing the red/brown underneath.  

CinC has made a donation to the Melanoma Research Foundation in Katy's memory.  Please join us in the effort to find a cure for this devastating disease.


Karen Matze said...
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Karen Matze said...

Great job on putting together the tribute for Katy. She was a special person and a special part of the group.

Anonymous said...

So young and talented. Her work is beautiful. Always sad when cancer takes someone so young and full of life...