Monday, January 01, 2007

Conversations with Cloth January 2007

Happy New Year! We’re having our “White Elephant” Party on January 14th at 6:00 at Good Company (it’s a Sunday). Be sure to call Julie to RSVP if she hasn’t already talked with you!

Recap of November Meeting (November 30, 2006)
We met exuberantly with lots and lots of show and tell stored up from the last few months. Karen showed us her crocheted wire and bead necklace as well as a crocheted funky yarn and bead necklace that will be our January project! Marilyn showed us what “Paintstiks” can do, and we think this will make a good program this summer. Marilyn also had her jangly bead “hunting” bracelet to show, and Michele showed us her awesome completed thread scarf. She also showed us some jack o’ lantern wall quilts she’d whipped up with reverse appliqué and Soft Scrub discharge. Her “bubble boy” pictorial quilt of her son came for a visit…it’s quilted! Katy brought her work in progress from the Ellen Anne Eddy workshop she attended in October, as well as some pictures from her Ricky Tims quilt retreat in Colorado at the end of September. The silk waste “bits” she showed are called Bella Nonna petals, available at

Marilyn showed us how to make beautiful and EASY flower pins from silk cocoons. Michele offered some reminders on our blog—you can post to it by “invitation only,” so if you’ve lost Michele’s initial invitation email, contact her for another invite. To just read the blog, go to (yes, there’s no “www”). I post the newsletters there every month, sanitized to remove last names and contact information since it is publicly viewable.

Reminders and Announcements
We’re having our holiday party a bit late…join us Sunday January 14th at 6:00 at Good Company for dinner, laughs, and of course, our white elephant gift exchange. Bring a small wrapped gift (the funnier the better!). Preferably, this is something you find in your basement, but if you must shop, the limit is $5. The focus is more on GIVING a laugh than GETTING a gift! Please RSVP to Julie by Friday January 12th so she can reserve us a table.

Please remember to renew your membership for 2007 if you haven’t already ($10 covers newsletter mailing and a donation to the library in appreciation of providing meeting space). Katy can accept your dues at the party or the January meeting.

January Meeting (Thursday January 25, 2007) at the Menasha Public Library
Karen will teach us how to make her crocheted yarn and bead necklace. She assures me that this is “the easiest crochet stitch there is” and it’s appropriate for even a total novice. Supply list:
  • Crochet thread, monofilament line, 28 gauge wire, yarn or other stringing medium on which your beads, buttons and charms can be strung.
  • Assorted beads, buttons and charms (prestringing is recommended)
  • At least two different, three (3) yard pieces of “fancy” yarn. Eyelash works well for one of them.
  • Crochet hook (s) appropriate to work with your stinging medium. (Karen will bring extras for those who do not have one)

Please also bring your show and tell and your ideas for programs for 2007.

Upcoming Events
January 14, 2007: Dinner and White Elephant at Good Company, 6:00
January 25, 2007: January meeting, 6:00. Necklaces with Karen.
February 22, 2007: February meeting, 6:00. TBD.

Conversations with Cloth meets the last Thursday of each month at 6:00 at the Menasha Public Library.

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