Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crocheted Yarn & Bead Necklace

At the January 2007 meeting, Karen M. showed us how to make these necklaces.

All evening, Karen kept saying that anyone can make these necklaces. You don't need to be an expert at crochet.

Ingredients :
  • Crochet thread, monofilament line, 28 gauge wire, yarn or other stringing medium on which your beads, buttons and charms can be strung.
  • Assorted beads, buttons and charms (pre-stringing is recommended)
  • At least two different, three (3) yard pieces of “fancy” yarn. Eyelash works well for one of them.
  • Crochet hook (s) appropriate to work with your stinging medium. (Karen will bring extras for those who do not have one)
In brief, here are the instructions (from Michele's notes):
1) String your beads. Take more thread or yarn than you think you'll need as the crocheting takes up more yarn than you'd think ...
2) Make a slip knot in your stringing medium and begin crocheting 4-5 inches of single crochet stitches.
3) Pull up a bead (already on the line) and crochet around it to hold it in place. Single crochet another few stitches and pull up another bead. Crochet around it to hold it in place. Repeat until you get to the end of your beads.
4) Cut the line and tie off the last crochet. Set aside.
5) Stretch out 2-3 yarns that are 2x as long as your crocheted bead string.
6) Fold the yarns in 1/2 and loop them together. At the center point, atttch to one end of your crocheted bead string. Use a safety pin to anchor your line and braid the yarns with the bead string, showcasing the beads and charms. (Remembering how to braid was the hardest part!)
7) Tie off at the end.
8) Attach a button for a clasp at one end. Create a loop at the other end, big enough for the button to pass through.
9) Fluff the yarns if using eyelash yarn.

Tips from Karen :
* Use a button (shank type works well) as a clasp. This allows the wearer to double the necklace up as a choker.
* This is also a great way to recycle old jewelery.

Beyond neckwear, this has great potential for seaweed, garland, or any other number of embellishments.
--Posted by Michele

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Linda said...

My friend Cyndi and I have been making these for the last month or two. We are supposed to see how they do in our first spring Craft Fair. I have created about 35 of these in practically the whole color spectrum. I only have one of each. We are getting a major snow storm. It could affect turnout on Sunday, unfortunately.

Cleveland, OH