Thursday, February 15, 2007

February Newsletter

Conversations with Cloth February 2007

Some things just never seem to get done. Laundry, dishes, and this newsletter are tops on my list! Think of it as a “just in time” reminder of our meeting Thursday!
Recap of January Meeting (January 25, 2007)
Katy had show and tell from an uncharacteristic “finishing jag” at the DNQG retreat earlier in the month. Julie brought Grandma’s photo and her crocheted hearts to watch over us as Karen showed us how easy it is to make her crocheted bead necklaces. Check out the photos on our blog:

Reminders and Announcements
Karen is planning to attend the Minnesota Quilt Show June 14-16 and is willing to carpool. Check out for more on the show.

Thank you to everyone who renewed their membership. The 2007 member list is included in this newsletter. Please verify your information and bring corrections to the February meeting. If you’re not on the list, this will be your last newsletter unless you renew. You can bring your dues ($10) to the February meeting or just mail them to Katy.

FYI, the library has lots of “stuff” available for us to use during meetings, including a VCR and TV, an opaque projector, an overhead projector, a DVD/VHS projector, an LCD projector, a slide projector, a projection screen, easels, a piano, coffee urns, a lectern, a portable sound system, and a telephone.

February Meeting (Thursday February 22, 2007) at the Menasha Public Library
Michele will teach us the basics of blogging, and even if you don’t want to blog yourself, she’ll show us how to visit our blog and post to it.

Don’t forget show and tell! We still need programs for the back half of 2007, but check out the lineup we have for the first half of the year below!

Upcoming Events
February 22, 2007: February meeting, 6:00. Computer literacy with Michele.
March 29, 2007: March Meeting, 6:00. Sheer window appliqué with Katy.
April 26, 2007: April meeting, 6:00. Couching.
May 24, 2007: May meeting, 6:00. Fabric Postcards.
June 28, 2007: June meeting, 6:00. Paintsticks.

Conversations with Cloth meets the last Thursday of each month at 6:00 at the Menasha Public Library

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