Sunday, June 27, 2010

June Show and Share

Sandy went to a silk tie factory near Chippewas Falls (You have to know someone who can take you there) where you can buy scraps by the pound for just a few dollars. She got a shopping bag full and turned the diamond scraps into crazy quilt squares.


Betty's handmade Christmas Ornaments, commemorating the birth of a new grand child.

Betty's Artist Trading Cards

Karen's beaded charm bracelet.

Michele's thread sketch of Gramma Pickles. Read more about it here.

Michele brought this sample from another batch of rust dyeing. This one was soaked in vinegar and water, then crumpled into a rusty cookie tin, and sprinkled with dry black tea (as from a tea bag). It was left to sit in the sun for 2 days.

This one was shibori-wrapped around a rusty pole.

Sample of the Fimo/Sculpy Clay faces we made at the June Meeting. These were made by Jo. Thanks to Karen for leading the session. Bake your clay and bring the faces back next month when Betty will show us how to bead hair for them, similar to this pin she brought months ago :

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