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May 2010 newsletter

SNIPPETS from Conversation in Cloth

Meetings are held on the last Thursday of the Month at the Menasha Public Library ay 6:30 PM

MAY 27, 2010
Members Present: Lois, Lynda, Michele, Theresa,
Jo Anne, Pat, Sandy, Brenda, Julie, Betty & Karen

Guests: Betty introduced her friend Georgina Holden.

Announcements:  Be sure to wear your nametag each month. New members and guests will have an easier time getting to know us.
 Newsletters will be posted on the blog starting next month.
 Bring your ATCs if you have them to share in June
 Michelle passed out a final membership list. As it is now on the CiC blogspot, we will no longer be printing these.
 The group voted to suspend Julie’s dues as she does all of the work getting the facility and equipment lined up.

Results of the Road Kill Challenge
7 members brought their Road Kill challenge pieces to show. They were all very versatile and innovative. The artists and titles are:
Michelle – Rich
Brenda – Whimsy
Lois – Which Road Will you Take?
Lynda – Found Yarn died with pomegranate, onion skins and oak leaves
Betty – Plastic Bag Sandwich Purse
Pat – Self Portrait
Karen Self Portrait
Photos and more detailed explanations can be found on the CiC blogspot. If you do not have access to this site, please check with Michelle.

Show & Share (with pictures) is posted on the CinC blog at Items included Pat’s Cochina Man; Theresa’s Star in Stars Quilt; Michelle’s Mayfly; Sandy’s clutch purse made from a man’s tie; Karen’s clothesline basket; Lynda’s conventionally dies wool balls, Georgina’s afghan and Betty’s beaded art piece. Brenda shared a copy of a new magazine called Quilt Life published by Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson.

Upcoming Programs:
Theresa reported on the work that she has been doing to coordinate bringing Karla Spinks to the group for a thread painting workshop. The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 16 at a place to be determined. We are also working on finalizing the cost for the workshop which we think it will be very reasonable.

Karen also announced that Phyllis Cullen will be coming to a Women Who Run With Scissors workshop on November 13 & 14 at Goodwill in Green Bay. There are several openings and the cost will be $135. The topic is expected to revolve around the styles of the old masters, quilts from photos and what makes a good photo for a quilt. You can visit Phyllis’s website at to see her work.

Next Month – June 24: Polymer Clay Faces demonstrated by Karen. Bring the following:
 1 block of FILO or two blocks of Sculpy clay. This will make 6 to 10 faces depending on the size you make.
 Cutting board or cardboard to cut on.
 Craft knife (e.g. Xacto) or pocket knife
 shoe box lid or other box to carry your beads home in.
We will be using the face beads for a pin demonstration in July by Betty.

2010 Future programs:
July 29 - Betty shows us how to make hair out of beads (as for brooches) with the polymer clay faces we made in June. You can also bring a face bead if you already have one.
August 27 – Lynda will demonstrate felting techniques
September 30 – Lois will demonstrate clothesline baskets
October 28 – Sandy will show up how to make clutch bags from a man’s tie.
December 9 – Annual Christmas Party

Remember: a new CinC program chair is needed. It’s easy. Just work with CinC members to set up demonstration, schedule a field trip or invite a guest speaker. Without one, we won’t have the neat demonstrations that we have had in the past!

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